Resume Analyser

Use our fast resume analyser to make sure your application is strong.

Applicant Tracking system

"Get your resume scanned for the key criteria using applicant tracking system(ATS)"

Color Analysis

"Lets get the colours of our resume checked using our free color analysis tool"

Word Analysis

"Get your resume content analysed for frequent phrases."

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Criteria Of Checking Resume

Step by step analysis of your resume will get you closer to your dream job.

  • Super Convenient
  • Get organized Data
  • Perfect format
  • Get empty spaces checked
  • High Contrasting Colors
  • Highlight core content

Total 576 Students

  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Identify Curse words

Resume Analysis

See how different type of algorithms available returns your data and try to organise it better.

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ATS Resume 2
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ATS Resume 3
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Lets use the free Color Analysis Tool to create a palette for our resume and hunt for same color areas.

Colors Identified (Page 1 is only analysed)


The Word Analyser scans your resume for profanity and checks for casual language usage. Refer to the sentence's "repetition" section if you need to change several occurrences of the same term.

Curse Words

Informal Words

Words Repetition

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